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Baba Yaga EO

Baba Yaga EO

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Little House, turn your back on the forest and turn towards me.


The coven candle collection is designed to summon the presence and magic of powerful witches. Isn’t that that cannibalistic hag roaming birch forests with her chicken legged house? Sure is! Baba Yaga is a pure badass. An enigmatic witch true to herself. One may call upon her asking for help but it’s only hers to decide if she’ll guide thee or eat thee… be careful. With notes of evergreen trees and sweet birch this candle calls upon the authenticity, the carefree state of mind of the hag. Embrace that mystery.


This scent is made using essential oils instead of artificial fragrances, enhancing the connection Baba Yaga has with nature. Birch is associated with new beginnings and growth, cedar is often used for protection and strength while fir brings determination and hope for a brighter future.


8oz soy wax candles, hand poured by the hermit himself. Natural essential oils are used in the making of these candles. Wooden wicks and reusable containers. Crafted with intentions.

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