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Grand-mere Kal

Grand-mere Kal

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Hide your kids, Grand-Mere Kal is on the hunt.

The coven candle collection is designed to summon the presence and magic of powerful witches. Grand-Mere Kal is well known by every child in Reunion Island as the witch who haunts the volcano.  The last legend about Grand-Mère Kal takes place near Mahavel, in the south of the island. The story goes that Kal sheltered convicts in her house to get them to commit crimes. Each time a traveller passes nearby, Grand-Mère Kal asks them to come for a drink in her home. If the poor soul has any money on them, the convicts follow them to rob them and throw them in a ravine. When Kal died, she started haunting the houses of sick people at night fall. If she laughs, death is near. If she starts to cry, the patient has a good chance of getting better! Scented with a local classic from the Island, Le Rhum Arrangé, the aroma is a blend of coffee, vanilla and rhum. Would you follow the old Kal too in promises of such a delicious drink?

8oz soy wax candles, hand poured by the hermit himself. Phthalate & cruelty free fragrances are used in the making of the candles. Wooden wicks and reusable containers. Crafted with intentions.

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