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La Voisin

La Voisin

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An actual french revolution.


The coven candle collection is designed to summon the presence and magic of powerful witches.

Catherine Monvoisin was a french fortune teller, commissioned poisoner and overall feminist sorceress. In the 1600’s women had no power at all over their own lives and bodies.  La voisin was brave enough to help women take back control a little potion at a time. Poisoning their husbands, provoking abortions of unwanted pregnancies.


This scent is made using essential oils instead of artificial fragrances. Peppermint is used to give a nod to the pennyroyal tea used by La Voisin to provoke abortion. Lavender to bring her sweetness of character forth and as a tribute to her french heritage. Can you smell the hint of citrus rolling in the background? It symbolizes La Voisin’s need to be undercover to perform her magical affairs.


8oz soy wax candles, hand poured by the hermit himself. Natural essential oils are used in the making of these candles. Wooden wicks and reusable containers. Crafted with intentions.

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