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The wheel of the year is separated in 8 parts, each one marks the evolution of nature through the yearly cycle.

This is a special collection crafted specifically to honour our relation with the earth. This series contains 8 candles, one for each festivity. You’ll enter a journey of seasonal magic, filled with purposefully selected properties to honour the essence of the celebrations. This collection will only be made with essential oil blends so that our connection with nature is pure and honest.

For each Sabbat, there will be a blog post written to introduce you to it.

For Litha AKA the summer solstice, the candle smells like a fresh pitcher of thyme lemonade on a hot day. Made with a special blend of bug repelling essential oils it contains lemon for it’s direct connection with the sun, welcoming new beginnings and clarity and thyme for good health, abundance and clearing of the energy from the past.

This candle is  made with 100% natural essential oils and soy wax. A wooden wick lights its core and a crackling noise adds to the ambiance. This candle can be used outside as a natural bug repellent. 


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