About me

L’hermite is a personal quest, a spiritual journey through art and folklore. 
Based on self-discovery and reclusion from society to focus on exploration and growth, my mission is to share my experience and interpretation of the magical adventure that is life. 

Illustration has always been my way to communicate, with L’hermite everything I put out has a meaning, a story and a purpose. Combining influences from art history, witchcraft, nature and my own existence, I’m crafting a curated selection of items to bring out the magic that surrounds us and mostly the one that is within ourself. 

My candles are made using 100% natural soy wax, some are made using essential oils blends and other ones contains paraben, phtalate & cruelty-free fragrance oils. All candles are hand poured by myself with magical intentions in my cottage-like house. 

My clothing line is screen-printed locally in the province of Quebec and is non-gendered. Inclusivity and diversity are important values for me and representation matters. My collection QUEER WITCH is a staple and a symbol of empowerment for those who have been discriminated for being different in any way. We have each others, remember that.

Self-taught tarot reader, I offer readings as a way to help those who look for guidance. I’ve been reading tarot for a few years and only offering it professionally for approximately a year now.