About L’hermite

About L’hermite

L’hermite, french for the hermit, ninth card of tarot has a meaningful connection with my journey as a person & artist. Signifying the inner quest, spirituality, wisdom and knowledge, the hermit is an invitation to look within thyself.

Always eager to learn, whether it is about esotericism, nature or myself, I see life as a journey in which knowledge resides in both the question and the answer. After studying visual arts and tattooing for five years, I’ve decided to follow the path my soul had chosen. Moving to the country, trading the city and the tattoo world for a much slower pace of life. Connecting with the earth, with myself. Exploring my craft through new avenues in both an artistic and magical way.

Being a bit of a loner growing up, art was and still is my little peace haven. It has been a great tool to explore and express myself. The ever evolving creation is in a way a journey of self-discovery and acceptance.

Mostly inspired by nature, witchcraft & folklore with a touch of art nouveau, I often work with symbolism and spiritual correspondence to convey a message or intention.

I’m creating a space here to share my adventure in life, what I’ve learned, what I’m living and what I’m hoping for in this world. 

L’hermite is a personal quest in which I invite you to be a part of and hopefully inspire your own. L’hermite is all about the respect and importance of nature & the self. The discovery of magic around and within.

May the lantern of L’hermite guide you


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