Candle care

To ensure the best burning experience, I recommend allowing the wax to fully melt at the surface during your first burn. Before relighting your candle snap the burnt part of the wick to prevent your flame from getting too big or to extinguish on it’s on. The best burning time is between 1 and 4 hours at a time. 

When you get near the bottom of the candle and start to see the metallic part holding the wick, it’s time to order a new one! If you want to get the most of your candles, I suggest pouring boiling water on top of the hardened wax and allowing to melt and resolidify at the surface, then pop it out of the jar and place the wax on a wax melter. Clean the jar with warm water and soap, recycle or reuse it to store in your trinkets. 

For security reasons, don’t leave your candles unattended, in reach of kids, animals or  close to flammable objects.