June is LGBTQ+ pride month, it’s a time for us to celebrate our community and to commemorate those who fought, sacrificed and suffered for the rights we have today.


Sadly, the fight is not over.

LGBTQ+ rights are still at risk and that’s scary as hell. The fact that, in 2023, some people still don’t get that there’s is such things as an array of gender indentities and sexual orientations is truly disturbing. The hate and jugement towards queer people is ridiculous. Having representation is not a way to brain wash heteronormative folks and convert them. Growing up watching heterosexual couples didn’t make me straight, why would it have an impact the other way around?


But then, why is representation important?

Being able to see people like myself in media makes me feel seen, heard and a part of something, it takes off the barrier of differences. Also, seeing people from different backgrounds than mine is a way to learn about what’s out there, about what can be, and what was. Respect, knowledge, discoveries. It’s only now in my twenties that I get to see romantic queer storylines in tv shows and movies, when I was in high school I didn’t even see the possibility of having a teenage romance story like most people seemed to have.


The flag

As you know, I love working with symbolism so here’s the meaning of the colours from the rainbow flag:

The original pride flag featured 8 colors;

Hot pink for sex, red for life, orange for healing, yellow for sunlight, green for nature, turquoise for art, indigo for harmony and violet for spirit.

Pink and turquoise got removed because of production issues in the late 70’s.

In 2017, black and a brown stripe got added to show inclusivity towards racial diversity.

In 2018, an other updated version of the flag was made, this time, the black and brown stripes were moved to the left in a chevron pattern. The transgender flag ( white, pink and blue) was also added the same way on the left. The light pink and light blue represent baby girls and baby boys respectively, while the white stripe represents people who identify as intersex, are transitioning or have yet identified their gender.

In 2021, the intersex symbol was added as well, a purple circle on a yellow background.

"The circle is unbroken and unornamented, symbolizing wholeness and completeness, and our potentialities," wrote the designer of the intersex flag in a statement for the advocacy group Intersex Human Rights Australia. "We are still fighting for bodily autonomy and genital integrity, and this symbolizes the right to be who and how we want to be."

« Pride »

Pride is a feeling that comes after an act of importance, an achievement. Being proud of your own being, of your identity is an achievement it self! Especially when you’ve been trying to hide who you were because you thought it was wrong and you wouldn’t be able to have a happy future living like that. Pride, because you decided to show your colors even tho it meant that some people may not like it, and judge you for it. Pride, because even if you didn’t accept your truth at first, you do now. Pride, because you stand your ground, facing challenges and still remain you true self. Pride, because there’s nothing to be ashamed of.


Pride washing

With pride comes pride washing, rainbows everywhere! As defined by Urban Dictionary: The act of using or adding rainbow colors and/or imagery to advertising, apparel, accessories, landmarks, et cetera, in order to indicate progressive support for LGBTQ equality (and earn consumer credibility)--but with a minimum of effort or pragmatic result. Pride washing can look like:

•Uses of the rainbow to push products

•Underpaying queer talent

•Making empty gestures

•Changing logo temporarily

•Running a Pride campaign while contributing to anti-LGBTQI+ organizations/public figures


Pride washing can be damaging because while well-intentioned people think they are supporting the community, buying from multi-billion dollar corporations with empty promises fills the pockets of  those big fellas.


How to celebrate?

I think the best way to celebrate Pride as an ally is to support businesses, artists and creators who are either queer/queer owned or those who show supports to the cause year-round.

Also be open to learning new things, it’s possible that you don’t know all the verbage surrounding the community, here’s a list of some instructive descriptions :

Be curious, respectful and open.


After all this if you still want to demonize us, than so mote it be 🏳️‍🌈



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